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the title of this blog does not in any way refer to valentine’s day even though and indisputably so that was one of the happenings in the past week: i’m not a big supporter of the commercialisation of such occasions and therefore always a bit suspicious of 14th feb…

however, as it happens i found myself in a cafe called “muxima” on the 14th feb which got its name from one of the bantu languages spoken in angola – kimbundu – and it simply means “heart”. i’ve since found out that “muxima” is also the name of a town and commune in angola that was founded some 400 years ago. i immediately like the “communal” element of the word and wonder whether the cafe is meant to reflect that as well. it certainly feels very much like a community in there, people talk with each other, some know each other, others get to know each other now – it feels full of “heart”. and actually also full of “art” because that’s part of its identity and another thing that really resonates with me. remains to say that it’s also located in Bow right in the heart of my neighbourhood.

the picture below is not from “muxima” it’s actually from one of the other beautiful places in the heart of my neighbourhood, the old tower hamlets cemetery. this heart has been placed on this memorial bench a few weeks ago and i like it’s clear and powerful message – and only when i finally took this photo the day after 14th feb did i notice that it sits almost in a row with at least 5 grave stones that have  heart-shaped opening in them. and all of a sudden i notice in between the many angels on the gravestones just how many hearts there are, how much love and loss and hope.



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