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this past week can be clearly divided into 2 halves: during the first half I had my mother around and i managed to not do any work. on the programme instead was exploring London, lots of knitting and celebrating my mum’s birthday English style. it was kind of very peaceful if it hadn’t been for the constant English-German-English translations. and it was very nice to be able to appreciate my mother and all she continues to do to make life better for people around her.

the second half of the week was all about catching up with the work i hadn’t done plus co-delivering a 2-day course on dealing with challenging behaviour for a group of leaving-care-professionals. it was very intense and i developed huge respect for people in this field of work with young people that have often had very difficult journeys; i also felt even more appreciation for my mother and how much she has made sure that my sisters and i had a as much support as possible with the difficulties on our journeys of growing up.

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