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we’ve had a bit of an early spring-clean phase at home and sorted things out which involved re-cycling clothes across house mates, experimenting with up-cycling old semi-loved clothes, tackling an ever-growing pile of wood by sawing it up for use in the fire place (i’ve got one going as i’m typing this), and getting rid of quite a proud collection of dead electrical goods which had become so many that we had to book a cab to take us to the recylcing centre. we did that on friday while it was snowing beautifully; the cab driver was a bit unsure about our mission when he saw our big box plus 2 old school tellies piled up in the snow outside the house. but we got there and found a new home for it all. i found it strangely sad this cemetery of homeless household utensils with an air of abandonment about and snow falling outside… yet, clearly and undisputedly all these things had lost their function when dying and there was no point in keeping them for decorative use unless someone has a massive house. yes, i could now go on about our mass-production life where things are produced cheaply so they don’t last long so we will want or need something new sooner or later so that our economy keeps being healthy and our  wallets empty and the recycling centres busy… but i’m not going to. a cemetery is not a place for political rants i think. so instead i’ll share this picture of the lord of re-cycling who was sitting proudly on his throne of metal railing overlooking his subjects of dead lamps, heaters, hair driers, computer units, remote controls, electric tooth brushes, and curious electric toys. at some point he would have sat on an electric (and probably remote controlled) motor bike. but now he looked quite proud and satisfied with his new status as lord of re-cycling. maybe that’s then a re-cycling of status? or is that indeed a case of up-cycling?…

the lord of recycling


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