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i think it’s very apt to follow a post called ‘obituary’ with ‘love’ – i believe they always go very close together. and so it’s also very apt, then, to share a picture from my recent walk past Cross Bones Graveyard. actually, it might have to be 2 because i really can’t decide between the one showing my initial in front of ‘love’ and the one showing ‘touched by love’. love has been very present this week in quite a few very rich and sometimes difficult conversations at home, with my sister, with friends and in a mediation that i co-facilitated. there’s been a lot of grieve, a lot of laughter and a lot of deep connection. the other apt link with Cross Bones Graveyard is that i’m still reading Caitlin Moran and to my great joy discovered that she uses one of my favourite English words – discombobulated – in her section about strip clubs and burlesque. and love, loss and laughter together certainly make up a good dose of discombobulation. 

Cross Bone 2 Cross Bone 4


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