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moving into a new year for me is always a bit about letting go of things i cannot or do not want to take with me – habits, ideas, relationships and this time also “the spotted dog”. when i went for one of my almost-favourite-somewhat-local walks through epping forest on 30 december i discovered that this old school family pub just outside epping was no more – was a building site instead with a lot of rubble and rubbish. “the spotted dog” was closed in 2010 – a year after i had birthday drinks there in the beer garden with friends who i’d taken on this almost-favourite walks of mine. “the spotted dog” stayed boarded up for ages and looked sadder and sadder with time until last august when it caught fire for some mysterious reason – maybe some act of euthanasia to release it from slow death? it looked even sadder afterwards though. i felt surprisingly sad about seeing it demolished now; as i walked around the left-overs i pictured happy sunday dinners, excessive friday pub nights, cheery football watching, lazy spotted dogs lying underneath tables, summer bbqs in the beer garden…

here’s my tribute to “The Spotted Dog” – and click here to see what it looked like in it’s glorious days.

Spotted Dog 1 Spotted Dog 2 Spotted Dog 3


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