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this photo is slightly blurry, with the giraffe’s head cut off and the girl’s head cut off, too, and the girl is actually not called EMMA. the girl is my friend’s daughter and a bit skeptical about the giraffe. the giraffe is part of a tiny round-about that goes round and round and round in a book shop that also has a funky fair-trade cafe. this is where i sit with my friend in between last christmas shopping activity. my friend is contemplating buying caitlin moran’s book “how to be a woman”, a kind of feminist manifesto. i’m contemplating buying felix’ and thomas’ “my boshi”, a kind of feminist activist book (it’s basically crocheting patterns for must-have/must-crochet trendy hats – designed by men, crocheted by men, modeled by men…). While flicking through the books, drinking our coffees and entertaining a 2-year old we discuss feminism and why on earth we managed to develop such strong feminist values contrary to anybody else on our traditional conservative families. emma is a german feminist magazine that we both love and occasionally get a bit tired off; but it’s great food. and we discover later that the last edition featured caitlin moran’s book while the latest edition has a story about knitting & crocheting men. then there’s a really fascinating feature about “pink boys” i.e. boys that throw traditional dress codes over board and do what girls have been doing for ages: wear clothes that are traditionally only available to the other sex. boys wearing pink, boys wearing skirts or dresses, boys wearing nail varnish – and how important it is that we allow children to live in what’s called the “middle space”, the space between a very rigid and dualistic sexual identity. as a feminist i think how exciting that empowerment and gender equality finally moves away from being just for women – and as my friend’s friend i look forward to her daughter growing up in a more liberated society where the lines are a bit more blurry…  

some of the “pink boy” articles can be read in English here and here.



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