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This past week has been oddly relaxing for me – odd because at this time of year the majority of people around me are madly busy with last x-mas preparations and end of the year activities when I’ve had little urgent work to do, lots of free evenings and in fact 4 peaceful days in Leiston (on the Suffolk coast) last weekend. I found being in Leiston also quite odd actually: I mean, how peaceful it felt to be by the sea side  underneath big skies strolling along a shingle beach watching sea gulls and at some point even a seal – only to turn around and see the massive nuclear power plant (Sizewell B). On my last morning when I went for a very early beach walk probably just about the start of the morning shift because I had a non-stop chain of cars thundering past me down to where the road to Sizewell branches off; at least 200 cars must have gone past me in the 20 minutes that it took me to walk down there. It didn’t feel peaceful at all – until I got over the dune to the beach where all the car sounds were drowned by the wind, waves and sea gulls. As someone who’s very critical of nuclear power  and its potential dangers for life on the planet I find it an uncomfortbale contrast to have this plant right on a beautiful beach; and as if to highlight how odd this is there is a pub right where the road leading to Sizewell B  branches off, with the oddest pub sign I’ve ever seen. At least I can’t make much sense neither of the name ‘Vulcan Arms’ nor of the images on its sign – I’d appreciate any insight from anybody here…

Vulcan Arms


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