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sold … out…

i found this piece of art on an alley wall leading to Stroudley Walk, a little square near where i live – right in between Bow and Bromley By Bow and in an area with very high levels of deprivation, youth unemployment, gang violence. i don’t know how long it’s been hanging there; i discovered it on Thursday, the day after George Osborne’s autumn statement was made in the House Of Commons. as cold and bleak as i found Stroudley Walk that day I feel about the announcement of new cuts that will yet again be felt most painfully by those that already have very little: according to the Resolution Foundation, the poorest 10% will lose 1.2% of their income as a result of the main measures announced yesterday, while the richest 10% will lose just 0.2% of theirs… The Children’s Society states that currently 3.6 million children in the UK are living in poverty, and 6 in in 10 of these live in low-income working families.

in my work i come across a lot of young people that have very little expectations of making a career and having a bright future, and i meet a lot of low-income families that struggle to manage everyday demands leave alone the pressure for making Christmas ‘special’. this piece of art, the bright red empty frame, the massive brick wall, the sober “sold” says it all to me… 



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