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I went for a photography-walk through Angel today which was in full Christmas swing: people buying Christmas trees, drinking mulled wine and discussing Christmas gifts; shops and windows decorated in the full Christmassy glory (though strangely I didn’t see a single angel in Angel – why is Angel actually called Angel? has it got anything to do with winged creatures in white dresses?).

I walked past this signpost in front of a window that I really liked: I liked the slightly battered and simple look of it. I liked the simple message of a slightly battered ego. It seemed a bit un-Christmassy for both the look and the message and I liked that, too. And I really liked how it summarises some key moments for me from this past week: a mediation meeting with a young person who got really angry and left the room; a workshop with professional on responding to behaviour that challenges us – and 1 participant reminded all of us that “it is the role of young people to be challenging” – a workshops in a Primary School with 9-year olds that tested our boundaries around rules and respect… It was an intense week and I feel a little “battered” from it – but it was also a very alive week full of learning and insight. And it left me wondering how our world could look like if we could find it in us to love what challenges us…

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