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dark room

i just spent the last week at a very rich, hands-on, super creative photography workshop with Oliver Spalt in deepest Bavaria. the first few days felt really dark: wet weather with heavy skies and obscure forests that have an unsettling history chapter involving Nazi youth camps; a nasty cold with a sinus infection and some dark forests inside my head that made listening and focusing very hard work; analogue photography sessions with long nights in the dark room to develop our films & prints with laboratory precision and an exact combination of smelly chemicals; no internet access and a poor phone network… dark is of course not bad especially when it involves total freedom from emails and phone calls and exploring old-school photography techniques. And the weather improved (glorious frosty sunny mornings), so did my health, and I began to really appreciate what the youth education centre where we staid has set up in order write a very different chapter of “youth training” in this particular region focusing on young people’s ecological and self development programmes.

it was amazing to spend so much creative time with others that love photography learning with each other and from each other. one of my highlights was doing portraits – something I used to find quite challenging until now and really got much more comfortable with. here’s my favourite series of one of the women from the workshop…




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