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st. pancras’ king

i travelled to germany on thursday – a long journey by train through the south east of england, the whole of belgium and right across germany down to deepest bavaria. long, very long, eventful, transformaive: from hectic london to a tranquil alpine village, from an overwhelmingly busy few weeks to 2 weeks of creativity and nature. the transition started right at st. pancras station where a very, very wise person had decided to put up a public piano right into the waiting area, and i happened to wait there at the very right time when i was transported by the most beautiful and un-train-station-ish-ly peaceful piano play by a young man in nike trainers. needless to say he played something he knew by heart (and with his eyes closed very widely) and looked totally transported himself. it was so unexpected and so unexpectedly beautiful i was quite ready to burst out into tears – instead i walked over to thank him when he paused and i believe he felt very uncomfortable by that. maybe he had indeed totally forgotten that he had been playing in a public place and now i had reminded him; or he never meant the play for anybody else but him alone and now i had trespassed into his kingdom. a moment later i heard him playing again, though, and hope he found his way back into the palace…



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