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my last week was a bit full on with loads of meetings, workshops, conversations, people – i felt i was very hectic and constantly rushing and stressing about. on my way to one of those meetings i cycled past this leave-covered car and in my hectic mindset stopped so abruptly i almost fell over my handle bars. as i was snapping away with my camera this girl appeared, totally lost in the joy of kicking leaves; i don’t even know whether she ever noticed me. i hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this picture: i felt really inspired by her ability to forget everything else and just feel the joy of kicking leaves.  i think it caught on a bit because i spent the rest of the journey much more attentive to my environment and the change in season.

i also felt almost a little understood by her: i really needed to kick leaves or a fuss or something myself that day. i had built up quite a lot of anger over the government’s welfare reform and the so-called ‘troubled families programme’ which makes me cringe especially after just having been in a couple of households in woolwich where i could see the impact of poverty on families very clearly. so a good kick was needed and it helped seeing the girl doing it – and i’ll go to to find my own pile of leaves now for an extra dose of release!

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