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bike miles

i don’t really consider myself a cyclist. i don’t particularly like cycling as a sport. i don’t repair punctures on my bike or do any maintenance myself that’s beyond greasing the chain. i can get quite fed up sometimes with the practicalities involved with cycling, i’ve pretty much given up on wearing heals or corduroy trousers or slim-fit skirts because it just doesn’t work. nevertheless cycling is my favourite way of getting around in london and if it wasn’t for my bike i would most definitely not feel anywhere near as at-home in london as i do. 

15 september is my bike-mile-check-date: simply because i’m a little competitive and because i bought my speedometer 2 years ago on 15.09.2010. so on 15 sept i check how many miles i cycled over the past 12 months. i checked last night and am pleased. it’s 400 miles less than the previous year – which sounds a lot but if i could express this in percentage of y overall cycle distance it wouldn’t be too bad and anyway, i had expected it to be much more less bike miles. so i’m pleased. if i’d cycle all my past 12 month’s bike miles in one straight line east out of london i would apparently end up in upper north-west quebec, canada on the east coast of james bay.

so here’s to cycling in london. and to puncture-proof tires.



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