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this is the name of an exhibition i went to see at Poplar Bath – an old public baths from the 1850s with prominent 1930s design features and traces of a later era when the already disused pool became a practice site where apprentices were taught how to mix mortar, erect scaffolding and use various other trade tricks. Poplar Bath was finally closed in the late 1980s and has since been standing there, a lonely massive complex deprived of all the live and love that people brought to it in the past.

i found the ‘love’ exhibition a great excuse to finally walk through the doors of this forgotten people’s place – much as i enjoyed the play with ‘love’ in the form of big inflatables filling the empty pool, to me the start of the exhibition really was the pool and the memories of old times still lingering in the air. i particularly loved 2 bright red fire extinguishers that were randomly left next to a door that led nowhere – i thought they looked very much like being very much in love with each other and weren’t even part of the exhibits.

this picture is also a dedication to a young artist i had the joy of working with this week – she had gone through a mediation process a while back and was willing to support me in designing a mediation leaflet for young people. ‘love’ and ‘mending relationships’ was a key feature in the art work she came up with, and to her mediation can be a ‘miracle’ to bring these about…



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