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contrary to all predictions and advance panic, london has felt extremely peaceful during this first week of the olympic games. near empty streets, fully empty regents park, near empty restaurants on the south bank and friendly people everywhere. sure, the summer holidays helps. and the opening ceremony HAS reconciled many of us with the games…

another very peaceful place – a true epicenter of peace – is Kingsley Hall in my neighbourhood, the community hall where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his visit to london for the round table conference in the 1930s. it’s been set up by 2 inspirational women (Doris & Muriel Lester) who were strong pacifists; and it somewhat continues this tradition today by hosting among others Tower Hamlets CND.

i took this picture in the hall today when the sun finally made it through and lit the old parquet floor that Gandhi, Doris and Muriel and many other people would have walked on some 80 years ago… shortly after i took the picture a woman entered who was christened in Kingsley Hall, who’s parents had in fact met in Kingsley Hall and  celebrated their wedding there, and who’s grandfather new the Lester sisters well and met Gandhi during his stay… 


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