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east london

i’ve just been cycling through industrial east london: silvertown, canning town, east india docks… along the tate & lyle factory with its funny smells, the new london pleasure gardens with its crazy labyrinth of stages and light installation , the thames barrier with its abundance of property developers around it, underneath the silvertown viaduct with its eclectic assembly of cafes, print shops, churches and fish shops, and trinity buoy wharf with its new view of the cable car swinging through the heavy london skies… it’s an area i grew to like over the past 18 months and my many trips home from woolwich via the woolwich ferry. and it’s an area that’s still very rough, industrial, dirty and somewhat honest – which is what i find very lovable. i went to see “David Bailey’s East End” at the Royal Dock today and his photos really captured this sense incredibly well. on my way back i passed “Georges Diner” squeezed between the property developers with their perfect flower beds and the london pleasure gardens with its impressive high tech equipment. it looks so at odds, so much a thing from the past when there would have been much, much more industry, workers, sweat, dirt and hungry customers (and not high visibility vests…). i wonder who george was, and what he’s doing now for a living, and whether he’s got fond memories of the time of his diner, and whether there are people that will always remember him fondly for his builders tea & builders meals…



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