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taming a lion

the past  2 weeks definitely felt a bit wild with quite an emotionally and mentally demanding workload – one of the challenges of being self-employed continues to be that of managing workload. But it was a lot of beautiful, powerful and rewarding work that I was able to do: delivering a couple of workshops and facilitating several mediation meetings. My highlight was a follow-up meeting with a mother and daughter who were both a bit unsure at first about my suggestions of creative work but then really went for it. Thinking of their conflict as an animal a few weeks ago really confused them at first and then helped clarifying some key issues for them, and they came up with these very clear images of a roaring lion and a cunning hyena. This week we reviewed the whole process and I asked them to do a drawing of their mediation journey, using whatever they liked from my choice of felt pens, stickers, collage material etc. After a short moment of  anxiety they both got right into it & carried away with making their own very personal collage. They loved it, and they really enjoyed hearing each other’s stories and exploring the next steps using the analogies of their collage. They actually liked it so much that they decided to begin collecting pictures themselves now for their own collage “kit”.

I felt really heartened by their trust and commitment to the process despite being unsure about some of my techniques, and felt inspired by them allowing themselves to enjoy something that was clearly out of their comfort zone at first.

Somehow this picture in a street in South East London is really quite symbolic for the adventurous journey that mediation can be for all involved, including myself.




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