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i can’t quite decide which of the things that hit me this past week i find most surreal: the picture that was painted of London at a public meeting in bow about the olympic missiles, which was one of a security obsessed Government (spending more money on the olympic security operation than it’s predecessor China!) that’s driven by politics of fear and promotes  the militarisation of our city in the name of “security”. or the run-up to the queen’s diamond jubilee – and the fact that this country is effectively still a monarchy – and how everyone seems to rejoice in it and finds it a reason to celebrate. or the guy who was sitting on the Thames shore at the southbank on a cool day with very little closing and very big sun glasses, singing his blues about mobile phones and facebook in his stripy deck chair. 

i better just give you glimpse of all of them…

MoD's chosen site for ground-to-air missiles


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