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i don’t know whether i could cope with the madness of london if it wasn’t for my bike. i absolutely love the sense of freedom & independence it gives me; and london immediately feels smaller when i tackle it by bike. it’s been great to see how cycling has become so much more popular in london over the past few years together with much better infrastructure (and more workshops!). from having been the odd one (well, german) who cycled to work when everyone around me would rather go for TFL i’m now having quite a few colleagues and most housemates pedalling through london – i very happily believe that i might have inspired a few of them to give it a try.

this week i’ve got my niece around who was also immediately up for discovering london by bike (well, she’s also german…) and has successfully braved the right left traffic and the not-really-boris bikes. we went to greenwich today and passed a few trainee-cyclists and loads of other very happy bike enthusiasts, like these guys that i spotted a few weeks ago. They made me think of H.G. Well’s quote, every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race



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