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we have a tradition in the community i live in to spend the may bank holiday weekend together – usually going away to the country side. this year for some practical reasons the going-away didn’t work out so we’re spending the weekend-away at home. we had to do the same 2 years ago, and it seemed that this set so much creativity free in us to make sure we still have great quality time, that it became for me one of the most beautiful weekends away. the may pole on the photo was put up by one of my house mates and we ended up inventing a very crazy and certainly far from traditional dance around it.

still, there’s one thing i struggle with about the may bank holiday weekend: that the tradition of the bank holiday mondays gets in the way of celebrating may day in solidarity with everyone else on the world on 1 may. every year again i’m shocked that this country with its long and rich tradition of  the labour movement does not join in with the rest of the world for the tradition-made-rule of mid-week holidays having to be celebrated on mondays. thinking of our 2nd weekend-away at home i think that it can be so powerful and refreshing to consider changing a tradition.


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