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only the beginning…

… is the title of our new deep:black project that we’ve been working on intensively this past week. it’s based on our riot:lyrics series where we are also about to launch a riot:lyrics live recording on iTunes any day now.

i had a week with lots of beginnings and surprising meetings & encounters including a little shop in Bermondsey that i only walked in because i wasn’t on my bike because that was locked outside Mile End Station with a fat rusty metal wire poking through its rear tire. i walked into the shop in need for some new focus after an intensive group session, and walked right into a conversation about “the artist’s way” which i am currently doing as well. we had a very inspiring conversation about movement, knitting and conflict and living an intentional creative life.

so here’s a picture of Joshua Idehen performing at riot:lyrics live – which was only the beginning…


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