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when i read very quickly (which i do very often) “resilience” actually looks like “resilence” to me… i like the idea of resilience being about getting back to silence and it certainly goes with the discussion we at deep:black had about the whole notion of resilience this week. a place inside us that helps us coping with difficult situations, surely quietness must feel very much at home there? we’ve discovered it as our new topic as we’re preparing a project to mark the anniversary of the august 2011 riots – the independent riot panel has to our surprise & joy placed great emphasis on “character building” of young people as something that needs to be fostered much more, and as something that will in their understanding include resilience.

why i chose this picture to go with resilience? to be honest, i just really like it for a start and enjoyed discovering this tree in london fields this week. but then i also like how it challenges my idea of resilience: for a tree certainly is bursting with “natural” resilience to deal with low temperatures and does not depend on us covering it up in warm woollies? but what if it’s part of a tree-led expression of resilience? this one looks so much more like a dancer in pose ready to tango across london fields as part of a national celebrate-the-trees-in-urban-london campaign… i also like the resilience of knitters in our industrial age where nobody “needs” to knit because we can buy everything in huge variety of style, colour and material – except for tree dresses i suppose…


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