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Peckham Boy

I cycled past this poster in a side alley of Peckham High Street on Wednesday – it was early morning, the sun was out, the sky was blue and Peckham High Street almost peaceful. I had just done a detour on my way to work through Peckham Rye Common to check the bench where I left my iPhone the previous afternoon – I didn’t really believe it would still be lying there now, just waiting for me to pick it up again, but I told myself that I have to tick off “having tried everything to retrieve it”. A tiny part of me actually expected the unexpected: a little note pinned on the bench by the woman who sat next to me when I was last using it – I like to believe that she spotted it when I left and remembered seeing me with it – “don’t worry, I’ve saved it and will hand it in to the police…” I was then almost grumpy that despite my best faith in fellow Londoners it was the Peckham sceptics who won this first round and there was no trace of a note…

A friend had tweeted me the night before “Oh Petra… PECKHAM” which seemed to say it all. My house mate had a very similar view of people’s in Peckham and immediately created a story involving drug addictions. I so would have liked to prove them all wrong – I kept phoning Peckham police for 3 days in a row and no iPhone had been handed in. Taking this picture & posting it here is my apology to Peckham for adding to it’s bad rep by having told friends about my lost iPhone in Peckham – isn’t it just a place full of life in all it’s splendour? This boy’s face seems to say it all: love life and don’t worry about iPhones…

I’ve actually totally stopped worrying about mine and gone back to my old Nokia 6300. I will try Peckham police once more after the weekend but really only to give Peckham people one more chance than to actually retrieve my phone.


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