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 I’m just coming from a performance extravaganza at Siobhan Davies Studios: Fevered Sleep did an 8-hour performance marathon of “Stilled”, a 5D meditation that combined dance, music, photography, light and stillness. I felt beautifully serene at the end of 2 hour watching and almost upset that it was over. The exhibition is still on until 1st April, and a podcast available online here.

When I left Siobhan Davies Studios I was given my photo that had been part of the exhibition “Still Moving” for a year. “Still Moving” has now finished its marathon of touring 4 libraries, 2 theatres, a country show marquee, and Siobhan Davies Studio and has been seen by around 100,000 people. Because it’s been travelling for such a long time I kind of forgot my photo and I’m really enjoying to look at it now, leaning against the wall in my room. I took it at a dance performance at Siobhan Davies Studios which has been such a key part for me in re-connecting with dancing and discovering new forms of photography. Just as well that I honour this by posting the photo here now.


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