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For about 2 weeks I had this craving for the sea, to the point that I even dreamt of jogging on the beach the other night. So last weekend I decided to venture out – given that I also had craving for a sleep-in I went for the quick option, the Thames Estuary, and ended up in Leigh-on-Sea. I had been there before so knew what to expect and enjoyed the surreal mix of  rough, industrial shoreline with peaceful sleepiness of the old village. Especially on a grey, cold winter day a lot of Leigh-on-Sea had this sad feel of being left-behind, longing for the gone-by busy buzzing days. To me “Freya” expressed this longing beautifully, the way she was resting there on the wet sand. I’ve just read that the name goes back to Norse mythology and is associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death. I wonder whether the same association goes with Leigh-on-Sea and would love to hear the stories about gold, love and war…


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