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be a lighthouse

We drink a lot of Yogi Tea at home and go through phases with the little quotes on the labels – sometimes they seem unbearably dull & common place, and then they are really original and curious. This week I had “Walk Tall” on one of mine, and it did help on a day when I was having a lot of back and neck pain. But my housemate trumped us all with his “Be A Lighthouse”. I love the idea of all this could mean (bright, tall, shining, dependable, striped, exposed, alone, ancient, functional, timeless…) And it inspired me to spend my morning off with an industrial walk through Bow via Three Mills and Twelve Trees to Trinity Buoy Wharf, the place of London’s last existing lighthouse. This time I was amazed to discover the lighthouse boat which added a whole new dimension to the Yogi Tea quote (floating, solid, heavy-duty, red,…).

I also loved the cloud-spotted blue sky over the river and the yellow cranes in the background: what a feast of colour and indulgence of timelessness.


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