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The Crown of the East

This week we found a new home for our company deep:black which has in the past been registered under Kweku’s address – with him leaving at the end of the month we struggled a bit to find a new place for our official registered address. The solution is in my direct neighbourhood and I’ve actually been a member there for 3 years now: Kingsley Hall. Set up by the inspiring Muriel & Doris Lester in the 1920s as a hub for the community and welcoming radical, pacifist, feminist, socialist and other critical leaders it most famously became the temporary home of Mahatma Gandhi during his stay in London for the Round Table Conference. It’s a place alive with an incredible legacy which hopefully will encourage us also to be the change we want to inspire in the world with our work…

When I came back from there yesterday I passed what used to be the Rose & Crown pub next to the uncharmingly neglected Post Office on Stroudley Walk. According to English Heritage it has been a “late C18, early C19 inn, of three storeys with parapet and stucco band. Forms an important local focal point”. It’s been empty ever since I live here and seemed to be left to itself and the usual slow urban transformation which I captured a few weeks ago. I’m now very glad I took it because it turns out the building has just been redecorated and reopened as a Cash & Carry with no sign left of its former legacy other than photos like my own one. I wonder whether that Cash & Carry will ever form a local focal point and what it might “focal”? I certainly believe that Stroudley Walk could really do with more spaces where local people can come together and connect – like probably the former Rose & Crown and Kingsley Hall.


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