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power balance

I’m quite fascinated by the strikingly bright word “power” on this very delicate backdrop – carried by a bunch of colourful people through narrow streets besieged by Goliathic buildings.

In a mediation meeting with a mother and her teenage daughter this week we spoke about human needs and about how our unfulfilled needs are at the core of conflicts. We explored their own unmet needs and I offered “power to”. They both struggled with the idea of “power” as a human need and eventually settled on a need for “empowerment”.

When I joint the march through London on Wednesday I felt very empowered: having the right to strike and to demonstrate and doing so with so many diverse people united in our upset about Government politics and economic systems was very powerful. Yet my feeling of empowerment doesn’t translate into power – I don’t have any power to change any of these circumstances and the key politicians have made it very clear that they have all the power to belittle the strikers and marchers.

This “power” banner is part of a series of 3; the full message is “all power to the 99%. occupy”. If we are the 99% we already have the power of numbers – how can we transform this into a real sense of empowerment and power-to right across the 99% to bring about the changes that help meeting people’s fundamental human needs?


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