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Tower Blocks

Last weekend I was travelling in Germany and not able to update my blog; I wanted to do something particularly great to compensate. But then I was struck by self-made disaster (which is all the more disastrous because I haven’t yet forgiven myself for it) and drowned my beloved compact camera in my rucksack – I hadn’t closed my water bottle properly and about half a liter escaped. I’m still very angry at myself and struggled to find any motivation to look for photo opportunities with my other camera. But the sun was shining today for the first time in weeks, and I was preparing a workshop on Restorative Justice and wondered why it’s so difficult to forgive myself for a stupid mistake? I just took my camera out to get into the mood when I discovered that I can see my tower blocks upside down in the prism that I’ve got hanging in my window. I like the double tower block image: upside-down tower block in front of downside-up tower block. It doesn’t repair my other camera and doesn’t un-do the water damage but it reminds me of the beauty of surprise and messiness.

There’s much more about my tower blocks here.


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