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I’m quite drawn into the happenings at St Paul’s and totally fascinated about the energy that it sets free in people at the camp, with the camp, behind the camp, against the camp; the whole place is brimming with buzzy-ness & busy-ness, and the noise of discussions & megaphone, music & church bells, traffic and of passers-by shouting abuse or support. Having been an occasional visitor to the camp I find it totally energising when I’m there and totally exhausting when I leave the site. It’s also something of a hub for all sorts of people with all sorts of agendas – and each time I go I seem to bump into someone I know including long forgotten acquaintances and my house mate; she called the camp one big spectacle. Her words were on my mind when I went down on Monday and found the majority of people there busy taking pictures and some of the photographers made me think of someone aiming their camera with the precision, passion and position of a shooter. I begin to feel quite uneasy about my own presence and the camera in my hand and it seems the best thing I can do is to capture the paparazzi frenzy…


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