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I took this picture in our street a few weeks ago; I’m not really sure what it actually is. Was. But I remembered it earlier this week when a friend told me that the eviction at Dale Farm was due to to begin. There’s something very surprising and sad about this cut-in-half room on a lorry that looks like a dolls house; “play with me”. But where are the dolls? Where’s the dolls’ furniture, their accessories and utensils?

I didn’t have a lot of heart space and head space to engage with the campaigning at Dale Farm because of some fundamental changes happening at work (deep:black) that will change what we are and what we are seen to be – one of us three has decided to leave. deep:black will still be, the foundations are quite solid by now. But it’ll take away a lot of the interior design and the furniture, surely also a lot of the accessories, utensils and play stuff, and it will essentially change some of the characters inhabiting the space.  I have a real sense of ambivalence about it right now: ending & beginning, surprise & sadness, openness & vulnerability, spaciousness & emptiness.


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