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Where’s paradise?

Because I’ve been on holiday I wasn’t able to update my blog last week. To make up for that I’m now posting 2 pictures in one: the smiling death and the Nana fountain. Both are from the Tarot Garden in southern Tuscany, an incredibly special, magical and inspiring other-wordly place created by the late Niki de Saint Phalle. What struck me was her absolute passion and love for this garden which was shining from all the many details and layers, the millions of pieces of broken mirror, the thousands of brightly coloured tiles, the intentionality of every little and big decision.

While staying with Francesca in Marsiliana and later with Francesco in Pisa I strongly felt their passion and love for their work that was also shining through all their many little and big efforts, the happy lift-offers, the creamy coffee, the sunkissed tomatoes, the lightness and joy in everything they did. It also felt magical, very special and truly inspiring.


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